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Short Film

Short Film 15 min

Currently on the festival circuit



Two grieving women, bound by the same wound, share an unexpected embrace.

Atouching piece about grief, suicide, and human connection.

Produced by Sow the Seed Productions in association with Para-Dime Productions

Written by: Sarah Baskin, Valery Lessard & Bryan Fitzgerald. (Adapted from the play by Annick Lefebvre)

Directed by: Sarah Baskin

Currently on the festival circuit.

Winner of Best Drama at the Toronto Shorts Internation Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: NYC Shorts International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: Poppy Jasper International Film Festival 2023

Official Selection: Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival 2023

Official Selection: Cleveland International Film Festival 2023

Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
Winner Philadelphia Cinema awards 2022
Poppy Jasper International Film Festival
Cinema on the bayou film festival
Cleveland International FIlm Festival

Cast Members

Valéry Lessard

Valéry Lessard

as Chloe

Étienne de Passillé

Daniel Esteban

as Harmonica Squeegie

Micheal Mast

Micheal Mast

as Marc-André

Benjamin Roy

Malee Fraser

as Olivia

Benjamin Roy

Béatrice Frenette

as High-School Girl #2

Sarah Baskin

Sarah Baskin

as Jordan

Mimo Magri

Mimo Magri

as Mathilde

Benjamin Roy

Katrine Davey

as Woman with Dog

Benjamin Roy

Hugo Paquin

as Squeegie

Bryan Fitzgerald

Bryan Fitzgerald

as Ira Frank

Gabriella Mejia Perez

Gabriella Mejia Perez

as High-School Girl #1

Benjamin Roy

Constantine Gauthier

as Little Girl

Benjamin Roy

Katya Surzhykova

as Teen on Phone

Crew Members

Sarah Baskin


François Herquel


Benjamin Gagné and Patrycja Pawlak

First Assistant Camera

Zoe Roux

Production Designer

Leeandro Sutherland and Milina Mohseni

Production Assistant

Jaa Smith-Johnson and Bryan Fitzgerald

First Assistant Directors

Ramzi Madi

Sound/Boom Operator

Jochen Huybrechts


Eleonora Zoroddu

Makeup Artist

Matt Hixon

Film Editing

Meredith Ezinma Ramsay


Dayana Matasheva

Costume Design

Philippe Latour

Lighting technician

Alec Lemonde


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Short Film

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