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”From acting to production, we know how it works behind the scene”

– Jaa Smith-Johnson, Para-Dime Productions Founder & President

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Our Story

Over a decade in the industry


Jaa Smith-Johnson is an award-winning actor, a four-time META (Montreal English Theatre Awards) nominee, and a one-time Dora nominee (2018). His most notable awards consist of Breakthrough Stage Artist of 2017 (Now Magazine, Toronto), META award winner (2017) for Best Theatre Ensemble, and he is a recipient of the Gloria Mitchell-Aleong Award (2015) for artistic achievement. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec he’s been on the Canadian film, television, theatre-acting scene for over a decade. As an actor, producer and writer he’s always on the lookout for new creative challenges, as he continues to push the boundaries of his artistry. He is a graduate of the Dawson Professional Theatre Program (Dome 2009).

Some of his most notable and recent work can be found in the link(s) below:

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Acting Resume and Profile

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Para-Dime Productions is an independent film production company.  The company was founded on May of 2016 in Montreal.


Why create a production company?

Having worked in the film and television industry for over a decade, it felt like the right time to open the door to something new. Getting back to the basics and feeding my need and love for creativity again! I wanted to empower myself and to get back to the roots of what got me into the film business to begin with; ideas, stories and filmmaking. That’s when Para-Dime Productions was born. I realized that the greatest gift I could give to myself and the people around me, was the ability to cultivate ideas of their own. A platform to learn, grow and immerse themselves in an organic process of creation. That is why I decided to create Para-Dime Productions, to make filmmaking more accessible for anyone who has a vision, a dream and wants to make that dream a reality. My goal with Para-Dime Productions is to open that door. To be able to work hand in hand with filmmakers, writers and creators of all kinds to craft and tell their stories. To leave an impact in the way that I know best…through art!


We cater to your needs, your budget, your vision by providing you with the best possible team and resources to bring your idea to life.

You have a script, let’s get it from page to screen. You have an unfinished short, we can finish it with you. Your business needs a new commercial concept, we can develop it and shoot it with you. You feel stuck creatively? We can get you flowing in the right direction.

Let’s see how we can make things happen together.

Years of experience


Days on set


“The team was hard working, persistent and determined…A true labour of love”

– Nathalie Hitimana Guerma, Second Assistant Director