Danger Boys Squad


4 episodes



Two unconventional (amateur) neighbourhood watch patrol “officers” who roam the streets of Montreal. Fighting for justice, keeping the peace while causing a big mess all at the same time. A slap-stick/off beat comedy bound to make you laugh. Danger Boys Squad keeping you safe!

Produced by Brain Child TV and Para-Dime Productions

Created and written by Jaa Smith-Johnson and Chris Cavener

Directed by Chris Cavener

Videos and Trailers

Trailer – The Danger Boys Squad

Introducing The Danger Boys Squad 

Danger Boys Squad Says Recycle

Danger Boys Squad – Derek Learns A Valuable Lesson

Danger Boys Squad – QuaranTEEN’D


Cast Members

Chris Cavener

as Danger Boy 2

Stephanie Costa

as Marguerite

Chantale Demole

as Park mom

Jaa Smith-Johnson

as Danger Boy 1

Danielle Dalziel

as Davey’s classmate/ The goalie

Daniel Esteban

as Team Captain

Derek Johns

as Derek (Mr. Litterer), Davey

Sean Colby

as Bruno

Bineyam Girma

as Dante El Tundro

Crew Members

Chris Cavener

Writer, editor and composer

Jaa Smith-Johnson


Sarah Cotton

Cinematographer and sound


Days on set